HorseMax - Paddock, Grazing Mix

HorseMax - Paddock, Grazing Mix
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Suitable for Paddock, Grazing Mix

A good quality, hard wearing paddock mixture, that will last for many years. The inclusion of strong creeping red fescue ensures good shoot density and minimises trampling damage in wet conditions. The mix provides palatable grazing and can be cut for hay if required. Cultivars lower in water soluble carbohydrate (sugar) will help to prevent the worst effects of laminitis. A 1kg herb pack to improve animal interest and well being is also available.

Solomon intermediate perennial rye 25%
Boyne intermediate perennial rye 15%
Glenveagh late perennil rye 35%
Maxima creeping red fescue 15%
Promesse timothy 10%


Sowing rate: 35-40kg/Ha

Available in: 10kg bag 


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